twenty energy

powering everyday generosity

For years the UK’s biggest energy companies have made billions of pounds of profit for their shareholders. New-entrant challenger brand, Home Energy, came to us with a unique proposition – what if every business used their success to help those in need so that everyone profits, not just shareholders?

what we partnered on

Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, website, social media strategy, digital marketing, digital content production.

the challenge

Having already launched, Home Energy was struggling to gain market visibility – website traffic was low and customer acquisition was slow.

Our brand audit process identified several areas for improvement, including a core search engine issue with the brand name which was a generic, common industry term that all competitors were optimised to rank for.

how we changed the perspective

Our solution was a rebrand that would transform the business by properly articulating the brand’s core purpose, identifying it as a true outlier of the energy industry.

We started by recommending a name change to ‘Twenty Energy’, putting the brand’s unique proposition front and centre – to give at least 20 percent of its equity to charitable organisations nominated by its customers.

We then developed the brand strategy, articulating Twenty Energy’s purpose – to use business as the engine of positive change. A new bright and eye-catching visual identity brought the brand to life and a less formal, more playful tone of voice gave the brand a personality that was friendly and welcoming.

Our work enabled Twenty Energy to differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace as a new kind of business, one that believes business can be the engine of positive change, building a better society for everyone.