mission possible partnership

supercharging industrial decarbonisation to achieve net zero 2050

The climate crisis presents the biggest challenge of our generation and seven industries are responsible for 30% of global emissions alone. Founded in 2019, the Mission Possible Partnership is an ambitious effort to trigger a net-zero transformation, leveraging the convening power, talent and expertise of world-leading organisations on climate action.

The goal?

To propel a committed community of CEOs from carbon-intensive industries—together with their financiers, customers, and suppliers—to agree and act on decarbonising industry and transport in this decade.

what we partnered on

Strategic messaging, communication strategy, content strategy, content creation, social media strategy, social media community management, influencer engagement, audience analysis.

the challenge

A climate coalition established by the World Economic Forum, the Energy Transitions Commission, Rocky Mountain Institute and We Mean Business Coalition, our challenge was one of strategic communication – bringing multiple stakeholders together and helping to establish a single, coherent narrative for social media.

Supported by an expanding network of nearly 300 partners across corporate, finance, and policy, MPP is empowering high-ambition sector initiatives in seven target sectors, which mobilise the full value chain to decarbonise these carbon-intensive industries. MPP’s strategic advice and open-source data is recognised by a growing network of stakeholders in supply, demand, policy and finance.

Our role was to turn in-depth thinking into bite-sized content that shares MPP’s mission and communicates the value it offers, taking its online presence beyond a box ticking exercise and establishing a strategic approach that highlights the right issues and key events happening in the world of industrial decarbonisation.

how we changed the perspective

We started by immersing ourselves in MPP, taking time to understand the key stakeholders and their goals and how content was currently being shared. With a wealth of content being developed across MPP and within partner organisations relating to the seven hard-to-abate sectors, it would be necessary to carefully organise and plan content to ensure all strategic pillars could be given the necessary attention.

We developed a social media and content strategy that could effectively distil complex topics into accessible, easily digestible messages that would resonate with our target audiences. We clarified, refined and articulated the mission, establishing how it should be communicated online and set a framework for an authentic brand presence.

Our ongoing support includes launches, events and notable news announcements with content that resonates and amplifies the message across social media. We also developed an external communications platform called ClickAbate that shares the industry-wide success stories and ongoing initiatives relevant to decarbonisation within Mission Possible Partnership’s seven target sectors.