kickstarting a global food revolution

Neil Hallmark


kickstarting a global food revolution

plantagon partners with outliers to kickstart global food revolution

Swedish vertical-farming pioneer, Plantagon, has appointed Outliers to develop and execute a global brand communications strategy to help fulfil its goal of preventing an impending urban food crisis.

With nearly 70 percent of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, there will be unprecedented demand for food, putting unsustainable strain on energy, food and water systems.

Plantagon global food revolution

Plantagon is on a mission to kick-start an urban food revolution that will satisfy peoples’ current and future needs for safe, secure and locally-grown food in cities around the world. From vertical greenhouses integrated into skyscrapers, to underground city farms that make use of dead-space in existing buildings, Plantagon’s solutions have the potential to revolutionise food production in urban environments.

Outliers’ extensive, multi-country brief includes brand and communications strategy, messaging development, public relations, digital marketing, content marketing and branding and design.